Apulia: the workshop “Organic farming in the Regional Action Programme - activities and perspectives” (IT)


The Apulia Regional Administration, in cooperation with CIHEAM-IAMB, developed the project "BIOLOGICOPUGLIA" as part of the "National Programme for organic agriculture and organic products. The project was  included in the Regional Action Programme conceived to promote organic products to consumers, organic farmers, primary schools students and the management committees of school canteens.

The activities undertaken helped to deepen the issues related to organic farming both through the organization of technical meetings and through the use of the  "Biobank Open Project" portal, a tool for the study and analysis of the Apulian organic sector.  

The workshop, scheduled for 27 January,  9:30,  at the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari, is aimed at introducing to the activities undertaken by the project and at enhancing all aspects of the project that allowed for an improved synergy between the activities of  "Regional Observatory on Organic Farming" and all the control operations needed to supply funds under the Rural Development Plan.

The program

IAM-Bari - Via Ceglie, 9-70010 Valenzano (BA)