“For the sake of organic”, by Roberto Carminati. (IT)

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A report of Ismea (published last 4 March) indicates a 6% growth of organic products consumption at continental level in only one year, 2012. In 2012 in Italy the sector generated a turnover of 3.1 billion euros domestic sales and exports. The company Alce Nero-Mielizia showed a record business reaching 50 million Euro and an increase of 11% in its sales, exporting to 29 countries among which the driving ones are Japan, Russia, France and China, where the potential for development of organic farming is enormous. But among the flagships of an activity managed by 10 members among cooperatives and private persons, there also are agricultural producers and processors, who have increased up to 60 units in 2014, snatching land from herbicides and pesticides to convert to natural productions. At foreign level the company has progressed by 29% and, with a view to future development, its aim is to capitalize the inclusion in its portfolio of new product lines, especially baby food. "With the introduction of the new range," said Lucio Cavazzoni, the group's president, "and the increased use of crops such as soy (and milk made from it), legumes, tomatoes and baby food, we expect to be able to overcome, only in a region like Emilia-Romagna, 4,500 hectares organically grown by the end of the decade. We also think to increase the weight, in our catalogue, of fresh products from all the sustainable agriculture areas, aggregating at the same time the category of bredeers".

“Milano  Finanza-Emilia”, 15 March 2014, page 58.



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