“Wine consumptions, among the shelves only organic wins the crisis”, by Barbara Millucci. (IT)

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Generic signs of recovery in the first months of 2014 , after a 2013 to forget. Following an IRI survey on wine sales in supermarkets, that will be presented at Vinitaly, in 2013 Italians bought half of the bottles compared to 2012. Consumption turned to table and supermarket branded organic wines. In 2013, the large-scale distribution sold 517 million liters of bottled wine, with a value of 1 and a half billion Euros. In addition, consumer behavior is changing: they do not show a passive attitude anymore, but choices are always more careful and prudent, focusing on environmental protection. Organic wines, in fact, grew by 4% , with a million liters sold and a turnover of 5 million euro. Mr. Miraglia, Auchan marketing director, indicates as a recipe to combat the fall in consumption " ... the need to diversify, focusing even more on thedistributor brand, using promotions and giving space to organic productions".


" CorrierEconomia " , March 31st, 2014 , p age 29 .



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