Norway: now available the results of studies on the quality of organic productions (IT)


Upon request of the Norwegian Food Safety Authority, the Norwegian Scientific Committee for Food Safety  compared the quality of food and of organic and conventional production systems to the possible impact on plant health, on animal welfare and on human health.

This assessment is based both on the publication of scientific literature and on evaluation reports prepared by national and international scientific organizations  .

On request of the Norwegian Food Safety Authority , the assessment was divided into five parts:

I) Diseases and plant production

II ) Animal health and welfare 

III) Human health - nutrition and contaminants

Iv) Human health - hygiene and pathogens

V) Pesticide residues

All reports are available on the following website: VKM

In addition to these studies, we attach two publications elaborated by Italian experts quoted in the Norwegian review :

-          The Effects of Italian Mediterranean Organic Diet (IMOD) on Health Status

-          Is antioxidant plasma status in humans a consequence of the antioxidant food content influence?

Source: SINAB