Regeneration of grass cover, adaptation of agronomic techniques to extreme climate events (IT)


The meeting will take place directly in fields managed with organic farming methods. Expert technicians will illustrate equipment and techniques able to increase the "functional biodiversity" and to prevent or mitigate the damage of extreme weather events (heavy rains or ... "water bombs"). Appropriate soil management, sowing of specific green manure essences  and the use of a simple tool ("roller climper" or "crushing grass roll") for the lodging of the green manure and for the simultaneous preparation of the transplanted vegetable crops can reduce costs, minimize damage and improve the quality and the overall profitability of crops.

The brochure

Friday, 12 December, 9,30 - Metaponto (MT)

Azienda Agraria Sperimentale CRA "Campo 7" - Contrada Casa Ricotta

Organization: Giuseppe Mele (ALSIA): - Mob. +39 327/6685489

Francesco Montemurro (CRA-SCA):

c/o ALSIA - AASD “Pantanello” - Metaponto (MT)