Urbino (Marches): "Agriculture and sustainable food. The choices of holdings, consumers and institutions" (IT)


What is the impact on the environment and human health of the choices made by agro-food holdings and consumers? It is a topic dealing with issues that are current and highly relevant, raised as well by the event EXPO 2015, which will be discussed next 28 April (from 9.30 in the Aula Rossa - Palazzo Battiferri, Via Saffi, 42 Urbino) on the occasion of the conference open to the public "Agriculture and sustainable food. The choices of holdings, consumers and institutions". The event is organized by the Department of Economics, Society, Politics of the Carlo Bo University of Urbino, in collaboration with the "Foundation Girolomoni", the cooperative "Terra Bio" and other local holdings, farms and associations.

Academics and representatives of institutions, research institutes and associations will discuss about theoretical and methodological issues and operational aspects related to the definition of strategies, purchasing behaviors and public policy. The goal of the meeting  is to provide food for thought  to rethink the current patterns of production, exchange and consumption, to reconcile economic efficiency with the protection of natural resources and biodiversity, ensuring food safety and quality of life.

The conference will end with the awarding of the prize "Gino and Tullia Girolomoni" for the best master's degree thesis on the subject of organic farming, established in memory of the founders of the organic cooperative "Alce Nero" (today "Gino Girolomoni Cooperativa Agricola - Gino Girolomoni Agricultural Cooperative"), and with the presentation of the book "The earth is my prayer: the life of Gino Girolomoni,  father of the Italian organic farming ", by Massimo Orlandi

Aula Rossa – Palazzo Battiferri, via Saffi, 42 – Urbino