"It's Italian organic wine boom: turnover 3 billion euro," by Giorgio Dell'Orefice (IT)

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A tumultuous growth. In recent years, organic wine made great strides. And this despite the launch, in 2012, of an EU Regulation that certainly tightened up the grips of the sector compared with the past, when the Regulation was limited to the vineyard and to the production of organic grapes, stopping by the doors of the cellar. From 2012 instead -and after long and controversial disputes over the content of sulfites-  the Regulation 203/2012 introduced stringent rules also on the processing of grapes into wine. But this did not hamper the sector’s development.

3 billion euro sales: a growth that led to a turnover of approximately € 3 billion (a third of which generated abroad). A development across the whole Italian country, from Franciacorta to Tuscany  and down to Sicily.

Hectares in conversion in Italy: about 24,000 hectares, equivalent to 55% of the total. And even if the conversion will be completed in three years, it  represents a growth of 15-20% per year.


The EU Regulation: the EU rules had a positive impact, although a real appraisal will only be made after next May, "when - explains Cristina Micheloni, Aiab (Italian Association for Organic Farming) agronomist, -  a global review on Regulation 203/2012 on organic wine will start. A review requested by the EU Commission to assess the effects of the Regulation and to check if changes  are to be made. "Another key aspect –Ms. Micheloni concludes - is to improve the work on promotion and information to the final consumer about  the organic wine values. In short, working to consolidate the results obtained to avoid that the last years’ growth of the sector proves to be just a fashion. "

“Il Sole 24 Ore”, 19 March 2015, http://food24.ilsole24ore.com



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