Region Calabria: more controls on regional organic products (IT)


The Regional Department "Agriculture" announced that, starting from June,  the system of control of organic productions in the whole region will be strengthened.

The control system required by European legislation is implemented in Italy, also at regional level, by ICQRF  (the Central Inspectorate for agri-food products Quality Protection and  Fraud Repression), the official control technical body set up by Mipaaf, charged with preventing or combating fraud involving food products and  agriculture production tools. To this body, the Calabria Region has decided to flank a technical inspection activity that will be undertaken by the Regional Agriculture Department.

"As already announced several times - said the President of Calabria Region Mario Oliverio – it is our intention to widely support  local organic production, being Calabria the second Italian region by number of organic farms and organic hectares. We believe organic be a sector of utmost importance, as  the demand for 'clean' productions  grows both on domestic and foreign markets by an average of 10% per year. The resources of the new Rural Development Program will help Calabria to make a qualitative leap at both regional, national and international level, becoming more and more competitive. In this sense we will subsidize  farmers to enter and stay in the organic system with appropriate incentives. At the same time, however, we intensify the control system, to ensure the highest quality of our products.  This is a very important opportunity for the entire agricultural sector in Calabria - said the governor - but it requires an efficient system of safeguards both for consumers and for the vast majority of farmers operating in full compliance with the rules. "

The organic farming production method, based on a proper agronomic management of soil fertility, is the only one to ensure the absence of synthetic chemicals for combating plant diseases, for weeding and fertilizing.

The Regional Department of Agriculture, in order to increase the safety of consumers who choose organic products, has in addition to the new initiative structured a system of assessment of the activity of the Control Bodies (CBs) activities, ie a system of "control of controllers".

Audits for Control Bodies will be carried out on a systematic basis, both at  the premises of the CBs, and through visits to the controlled farms. In recent months, moreover, the competent structure of the Department was involved in specific training courses, run by Mipaaf and the Regions Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna, in order to raise the level of competence of the staff and the quality of the activities to be undertaken.


The management of possible "non-compliances", found during controls,  foresees sanctions  which may also lead to exclusion from the organic system, with serious economic consequences in the case of application  to the support measures provided by the Rural Development Program.

Source: Regione Calabria