France: Agence Bio data on organic farming (IT)


In France, the organic farming sector continues to grow. In 2014, the organic market grew by 10% compared to 2013, reaching 5 billion euro. About 9 out of 10 French consumed organic products, 6 out of 10 at least once a month. In 2014, purchases of organic products in catering grew up to 11% compared to 2013, for a turnover of 191 million euro.

To answer this general growth in demand, the French organic chain continues to develop. The organic surface in 2014 trespassed 1.1 million ha , + 4% compared to 2013. The number of organic farms increased (+ 4%), reaching  the number of 26,500. A momentum affecting  all levels of the chain: the number of processors and distributors increased by 3% between 2013 and 2014, and today around 13,000 holdings  are active in the sector.

The first  data related to 2015 show that organic farmers still continue to grow: more than 1,659 producers have entered into conversion between January 1 and May 17, an increase of 16% compared to the same period of 2014. And in 2014, as a whole, the increase of  organic surfaces under the first conversion year was +36% in relation to 2013. This important dynamism of the organic sector is present in all French regions: the sector now has approximately 100,000 full-time employees spread everywhere throughout France. And organic farms generate more than 66,000 employees in rural areas.


As a reflection of all this vitality, "Organic Spring 2015 - Printemps BIO 2015" invites all the French to learn more about organic farming, enjoying the wide variety of its products. In the first half of June, the protagonists of the French organic farming organize a large number of events in all regions of France: the aim is to invite consumers, farmers and technicians to become familiar with the principles and values of organic farming, the agriculture activity respectful of nature cycles  and animal welfare. It will be for the French an opportunity to discover both the new campaign co-financed by the European Union " La Bio, le bon calcul," which highlights how a choice of balanced and sustainable consumption could also be reflected in a good value for money.


Source: Agence Bio