Organic farming in Italy: operators and consumers grow, more than 1 ha out of 10 is now organic (IT)


SINAB  has elaborated the first data for the Italian organic sector related to the year 2014,  based on the information reported by Control Bodies and the Regional authorities as of 31 December 2014.

According to the elaboration, in Italy the organically grown surfaces rose to 1.4 million hectares on an annual basis, that is a growth of over 5.4%. In absolute terms, in 2014, more than  80,000 hectares were converted to the organic production method, so that the incidence of the organic UAA on the total national UAA increased from 10.1% to 10.8%. A growth not only in terms of surfaces but also of subjects involved. Certified operators increased up to 55,433 (+ 5.8% compared to 2013), out of which 42,546 are solely producers (farmers). In addition there are 6,104 solely processors (including operators involved in retail sales), 6,524 producers-processors (farmers who also process the products the grow) and 259 importers.

As for the organic livestock sector, the first data show a production increase of more than 15% for pigs and 14% for poultry on 2014. Growing numbers for a sector that, in the supermarket chains, now accounts for 2% of the sales of packaged food. In particular, with regard to consumption, the ISMEA-Nielsen  data on packaged food sales in the modern distribution (hyper and supermarkets, discount stores) marked a + 11% compared to 2013. 

"With a turnover of more than 3 billion Euro, the organic sector remains an important element of the Italian agri-food sector - said the Minister Martina - We are the leader in Europe for the number of operators involved, and the first SINAB data  show the great potential of this sector that we will continue to support. A reality which we strongly wanted to enhance also at Expo in Milan, with an area dedicated to biodiversity that is having a great visitors' success. Furthermore, until 2020 we will invest with the Regions more than 1.5 billion Euros on the organic sector, focusing strong reduction of farming environmental impact and following sustainable models. We are doing a lot also in terms of controls against false organic, pushing for greater transparency and sharing with our European partners of all the available information ". 

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Source: Mipaaf Press Office