European Commission and Mexico start negotiations on trade of organic products (IT)


The government of Mexico and the European Commission have started negotiations towards a bilateral agreement on trade in organic products. Both sides confirmed their interest to conclude an agreement that would allow expanding the market for organic farmers, reducing the burden for companies and supplying more organic products to consumers. Negotiations were launched with a view to acknowledging the equivalence of each other’s organic legislation and control systems.

EU agriculture commissioner Phil Hogan visited Mexico earlier this month, accompanied by a delegation of 35 European businesses representing a wide range of the European Union’s agri-food sector.

In Mexico, organic farming is going through a period of expansion. During 2014, total area planted with organic crops amounted to 60,541 acres, producing 104,400 tons of organic products, valued at over one billion 58 million dollars. Tomatoes, coffee, strawberries, and raspberries stand out as the leaders in value generation among organic crops.


Source: Global Trade

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