Joint statement on the scope extension of the EU-Canada Organic Equivalence Arrangement (IT)


With the  Reg. (EU) No. 459/2016 of 18 March, the European Commission and the Government of Canada have extended the scope of the EU-Canada Organic Equivalence Arrangement (EUCOEA ). The regulation extends the recognition of equivalence of Canada to wine and processed agricultural products (food and feed) composed by organic ingredients imported from third countries and certified in accordance with legislation. Organic wine has been now included in the scope of the EUCOEA. This will allow organic wine certified to the EU or Canada organic standards to be sold and labelled as organic in both markets. Initially, organic wine was not included in the EUCOEA scope due to the review of labelling and wine organic production rules in place in the EU. The scope expansion  will benefit operators in EU and Canada markets, reducing certification costs and increasing business opportunities in two of the most important organic markets in the world.

Reg. (UE) no. 459/2016 EN

Source: European Commission