Switzerland: organic grows despite financial difficulties (IT)


Steady growth of operators , surfaces and consumers: this is the 2015 picture of organic agriculture in Switzerland, according to the annual report of BioSuisse, despite the fact that 2015 was a commercially depressed year because of the strong franc and the decline in business tourism. The number of producers reached  6,031 units (52 more than in 2014), while the cultivated area grew, on 2014, of 4,000 ha, reaching 137,000 ha, ie 12.8% of the Swiss UAA. And the trend is constant: as of 1 January 2016, 227 new operators made BioSuisse the request to enter the organic  sector. The organic market is growing: the turnover in 2015 marked a + 5.2% compared to 2014, reaching 2.323 billion francs (2.207 billion in 2014), with a 7.7% market share (2014 : 7.1%). The development occurred in particular in supermarkets, with a strong increase in sales of fresh produce (two-thirds of the total organic basket, and 10% of the overall market), but also of other products. Eggs and fresh bread are the most popular products near consumers (respectively 24.3% and 20% market share), followed by legumes (18.6%). The progression of processed products was higher than the average (+ 9.1%).

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Source: BioSuisse