Università della Tuscia (Viterbo): searching for alternatives to copper use in organic farming (IT)


The University cares about organic agriculture: an educational exhibition day was organized last 8 July  by the Dept. of Agriculture and Forestry (DAFNE) of “La Tuscia” University in Viterbo, in cooperation with the didactic-experimental farm 'Nello Lupori'. In fact, DAFNE is involved in a national project financed by Mipaaf, the Italian Ministry of Agriculture, “ALT.RAMEinBIO” (Stop copper in organic), for the reduction of  the use of copper in organic farming, and in particular in the protection of different fruit and vegetable crops of national importance.

Organic farming without copper (but the same is for conventional agriculture) is the ‘challenge of the challenges’ for the scientific community which has to answer to the European directives. In fact, from 2018, all throughout the EU, there will probably be a further reduction in the use of copper compounds for defense against pathogens (bacteria and fungi) of all vegetable crops (organic or not):  therefore, it is vital to search for alternatives, for a lot of Italian food chains. At the same time, our ecosystems, operators and consumers, demanding for agricultural produce free of chemical residues, must be increasingly protected. 




Experimental tomato field  where  natural alternatives to copper are  tested



Participants to the  exhibition day


Source: DAFNE - Università degli Studi della Tuscia (Viterbo)