"Organic Wine, a record in Italian export: Italy third in the world", by Enrico Terzi (IT)

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The Italian organic wine is enjoying an excellent moment. Wine Monitor (by Nomisma) collected the data of organic wine sales, and they showed an increase of 259% over the past 10 years. The sector’s sales  have reached 205 million euros, which means Italy is the second in Europe and third at world level. Over 72,000 hectares are now dedicated in Italy to the organic wine production, so that the country ranks immediately behind Spain, the first organic wine producer in Europe.

Italian organic wine consumers are also growing rapidly: their  number has more than doubled in the past two years, and this data emerges in particular from consumer habits in Apulia, a region very  ‘attentive’ to organic wine and the second organic wine consumer region in Italy.  10,000 hectares, in Apulia, are devoted to organic vineyards, and the increase in consumption reached a + 22%,  thanks also to export. Exports are a very important segment in the production and sale of Italian organic  wines, incorporating two-thirds of the turnover, about 68 million euro.

From this point of view, the web proved to be a key instrument, and the same web-sites and e-commerce sites  provided to local companies a visibility never reached before, needed to be known outside Italy. 

Source: GO Bari.it, http://go-bari.it, 30 June 2016