CREA: Online the volume "Sustainable consumption from theory to practice. The case of organic products" (IT)



Organic food is more and more  an important player  in the sustainable consumption, a fact  demonstrated both by its constantly expanding market  and the development of the sector policies. From fashion phenomenon,  it has increasingly positioned itself as an object of purchase and consumption for increasingly conscious consumers, careful at protecting  both the environment, health and individual well-being.   CREA, the Italian Council for Research in Agriculture and Agrarian Economy Analysis,  with its center of Policies and Bio-economy, has undertaken  an analysis of the policies designed to promote environmental, social and economic  sustainability  of food consumption, focusing  on the organic sector by outlining some possible strategies to increase the demand of products that promote the sustainability of the food system.  CREA considerations  have been  included  in a volume now  available online, (in Italian):  Il consumo sostenibile dalla teoria alla pratica. Il caso dei prodotti biologici Sustainable consumption from theory to practice. The case of organic products.

Source: CREA