IFOAM : an international competition to promote sound farming practices (IT)


Do you have or know of a biodiversity-friendly solution that can reduce biodiversity loss, prevent soil degradation and feed a growing population? Then share it with IFOAM in itsSolution Search Contest! Tell IFOAM about innovative solutions that, for example, increase the biodiversity of plants, animals, and more on the agricultural land itself. Tell IFOAM how you have promoted change in human activities to ensure sustainable harvests or food security while also conserving, strengthening and/or restoring biodiversity on agricultural lands or surrounding areas.

Examples of potential entries include:

  • Organic farming methods that increase soil biodiversity (or other species)
  • Sustainable land use management that integrates the consideration of biodiversityand ecosystems
  • Alternative pest control practices that reduce toxic run-off into local water sources
  • Livestock control measures that protect local flora and fauna
  • Innovative approaches that reduce human-animal conflicts in agricultural zones

The grand prize winner will receive $30,000, and there will be four category prizes of $15,000.  There will be an early entrant prize of $5,000 for the best entry received by February 10, 2017.  All prize money must be used to further the winner’s solution and organization’s goals.  All finalists will win a trip to New York City and attend a capacity-building workshop and awards ceremony alongside some of the biggest names in conservation and development.

You can nominate an idea or submit your own before 10 March 2017. On conclusion of the contest, Rare and IFOAM - Organics International will host a series of workshops to share the most promising approaches around the world. All entries will be considered for this workshop feature, which also involves the solution entrant being honored by traveling to help train other peer practitioners in the solution.

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Source: IFOAM - Organics International