BioSuisse: the 2016 Annual Report (IT)


Following the BioSuisse annual report, Swiss and Liechtenstein organic farming continues to grow, with the record of 6,538 active operators. As a result, 6,144 producers now act according to the “Gemma” guidelines of Bio Suisse (“Gemma” is the BioSuisse private standard). These farms cultivate some 140,000 hectares of land, that is 13.4% of the total agricultural area.

An increase was also recorded in the sales of organic food products. According to Bio Suisse the sales increased by 7.8% to 2,505 billion franks, reaching a market share of 8.4%. Half of all consumers in Switzerland buy organic products either daily or multiple times per week. Switzerland remains the world champion in organic food consumption.

According to the association, fresh products continue to be the most important product range, with sales of 1,25 billion Swiss francs. The most popular organic product remains the egg, followed by vegetables and fresh bread. The market share for these three products is over 20 percent, but sales for all product groups have recently grown.

Source: BioSuisse