BioSuisse: an interesting collection of slides on organic farming (IT)


Useful for teaching and vulgarization, dedicated to professionals working for organic farming in Switzerland but certainly useful also for the same category who has to prepare presentations on the topic in other European countries, they are the latest “creation” of  BioSuisse and FIBL: 500 slides divided into 10 chapters including the “who’s who” of organic farming in Switzerland. The chapters include: organic farming development, principles and sustainability, field comparisons (biodynamic, organic and conventional), production statistics, requirements and guidelines, conversion, plant production, animal production, market - consumption, organizations and labels.

Slides are in French or German. In addition to a large amount of basic knowledge and facts, they also include the results of organic research presented in the form of charts, tables and interesting explanatory texts.

All the chapters can be downloaded freely, single  and as PowerPoint or PDF  HERE.

Source: BioSuisse/FIBL