A CREA-SCA scientific-dissemination day "Agro-ecology and innovation of agronomic management in organic farming" (IT)


The pilot CREA (Italian Council for Research in Agriculture and analysis of agrarian economy) farm "Campo 7" (located in Metaponto – Matera, Region Basilicata), will dedicate next 11 May to a full scientific-dissemination day on the theme "Agro-ecology and innovation of agronomic management in organic farming. Experiences from Agrocambio, Soilveg and Agrocycle projects ".  

The aim of the day is to illustrate innovative models of organic horticulture experimented in three research mentioned projects underway in Metaponto: AGROCAMBIO (Agronomic Systems and Technologies for adaptation to climate change in biologic farming systems), SOILVEG (Improving soil Conservation and Resource Use in Organic Crop Processing Systems - ASC) and AGROCYCLE (Sustainable Techno-Economic Solutions for the Agricultural Value Chain).

An active involvement of stakeholders (technicians, farmers, students, researchers, disseminators, local and agricultural institutions and citizens) is foreseen during the event through discussion and comparison  moments.

The objective is to identify new ways of managing soil and horticultural crops in different organic production systems, which include appropriate hydraulic land management, crop rotation, organic fertilization, cover crops and innovative strategies for horticulture development, as well as promotion of the recovery and valorisation of a wide range of agricultural residues, wastes and agro-industrial byproducts.

The programme (in Italian)

Venue: Azienda Sperimentale CREA "Campo 7" - Metaponto (Matera)