Bioreport 2016 (IT)


Soon to be released the new Bioreport 2016, the publication analyzing,  since 2011, the evolution of Italian organic agriculture.

The new data in the report indicate how the Italian organic sector has in recent years increased its dynamism in comparison to the past. The growth in domestic demand has been supported by the increase of supply:  in 2015, organic and conversion surfaces have reached 1,5 million ha (12% of the total UAA).

The new Bioreport focuses in particular on the environmental sustainability of organic agriculture and the relationship between organic farming and the agroecological approach.

An analysis of the organic poultry meat chain and a case-study dedicated to the USA complete the section dedicated to the in-depth analysis .

BIOREPORT 2016 (in Italian)

Source: Rete Rurale Nazionale

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