Organic farming in the world - 2017 edition (IT)


By elaborating FIBL and EU data, Agence Bio, the French Observatory for Organic Farming, has published the 2017 edition of the publication "La Bio dans le monde- Organic agriculture in the world".

The surface cultivated according to the organic (certified and in-conversion) method at world level, at the end of 2015, was estimated at about 51.0 million hectares (+ 18.1% over 2014), representing 1.1% of the agricultural area of the 179 countries surveyed. In 2015, certified organic farms were more than 2.4 million (+ 7.0% compared to 2014). The global organic market in 2015 was estimated at $ 87.3 billion (€ 80.2 billion).

The publication of Agence Bio (in French) can be downloaded HERE, and HERE the 2016 edition of the publication “La Bio en Europe et dans le monde – Organic agriculture in Europe and in the world”.


Source: Agence Bio