Organic seed: the LIVESEED project (IT)


LIVESEED, financed by Horizon 2020,  is based on the concept that cultivars adapted to organic systems are key for realising the full potential of organic agriculture in Europe.

The 4-year project will help to establish a level playing field in the organic seed market across Europe, improve the competitiveness of the organic seed and breeding sector, and encourage greater use of organic seeds by farmers. LIVESEED will improve guidelines for cultivar testing and strategies for ensuring seed health. It will develop innovative breeding approaches suited to organic farming. Finally, it will investigate socio-economic aspects relating to the use and production of organic seed and their interaction with relevant (EU) regulations.

The LIVESEED project is coordinated by IFOAM EU and consists of 35 partners and 14 third linked parties from 18 countries.

Information on the project: The LIVESEED project

The project leaflet

Source: Liveseeds Project