Mipaaf: the "Food Districts", a new initiative including organic productions (IT)


The Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies presented the "Food Districts", a new legislative tool to guarantee further resources and opportunities for the growth and relaunching of supply chains and territories at national level. At the event, hold in Bergamo,  the lines of action for the new Districts and some examples of already operational realities were presented. The new Districts are defined as:

- quality rural and agri-food districts already recognized or to be recognized;

- districts located in urban or peri-urban areas characterized by a significant presence of agricultural activities aimed at environmental and social rehabilitation of the areas;

- districts characterized by the integration of agricultural activities and proximity activities.

- organic  districts

To guarantee the development of the whole territory and not just of the individual supply chains, the new Districts will operate through integrated territorial planning programs. The recognition of the Districts is entrusted to the Regional Authorities and the Autonomous Provinces that will provide to communicate it to the Mipaaf where the ‘National Register of Food Districts’ is established, available on the Ministry website. For the re-launch of the sector and for the support of the districts, 5 million euros have been allocated for 2018 and 10 million starting from 2019.

"We need a jump in quality in the management of food policies to further develop our territories, so we strongly wanted a tool for territorial planning such as the “Food Districts”.  The experience of the districts - said among others Minister Maurizio Martina - should be re-launched and strengthened, because closer relations in the supply chains and services extended to the whole territory should be built in order to bring together operators, citizens, associations, institutions so to achieve common objectives. It is an innovative choice, allowing our country to look at local development and landscape protection with a brand new approach".

Examples of "food districts" provided at the presentation workshop include the Bio-district of social agriculture in Bergamo (Lombardia), the Maremma Rural District (Tuscany), the Milan-Dam Agricultural district consortium, the Bassa Bergamasca-DABB agricultural district.

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Source: Mipaaf