“Biological and integrated control of plant pathogens”: a workshop in Spain (IT)


Following the last IOBC-WPRS meeting of the Working Group “Biological and integrated control of plant pathogens” held  in Berlin in September 2016, the Institute of Agriculture and Food Research and Technology (IRTA), a research institute from Catalan government, will organize a meeting in Lleida (Catalonia) together with the local University. The workshop will be held at the “Centre de Cultures i Cooperació transfronterera” Auditorium of the University of Lleida  from 23 to 26 April.

The theme of the workshop will be: “Biocontrol products: From lab testing to product development”. All contributions relating to biocontrol of plant diseases are welcome, but priority to oral presentations will be given to research on the main necessary aspects to bring biological products from the lab to the field. The meeting will provide an important opportunity to present the last works on the theme, to share ideas and to discuss common issues. The intention is to bring together students, experts, researchers and implementers of biological control and IPM to discuss potential improvements of biocontrol and integrated control. Also the rice sector will be involved. Approximately 200 participants from many countries are expected to participate.

The deadline for registration is 16 February.  

All the information about the event, programme, venue, dates and registration can be found HERE

Lleida (Catalogna)

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