Controls on Italian agro-food sector: now online the ICQRF 2017 activities (IT)


The Central Inspectorate for Quality Protection and Repression of Food Frauds has published its 2017 report about its activities carried out in the Italian agro-food sector against frauds.

Last year, ICQRF performed 53,733 controls on the entire Italian agro-food system, of which 40,857 were inspections and 12,876 analytical controls. The checked operators were over 25,000, and the products over 57,000. The irregularities detected involved 26.8% of operators, 15.7% of products and 7.8% of samples. Controls concerned the entire agro-food chain: out of 53,733, 88% concerned food products and 12% technical tools for agriculture.

Concerning  products originating from organic agriculture, in 2017 the ICQRF carried out 3,987 controls (2,738 inspections and 1,249 analytical controls), checking 2,250 operators and 3,476 products.

The most controlled productions were Cereals, fruit and vegetables and olive oil. Following its control activity, the ICQRF seized goods for over 1 million euros.

The REPORT (in Italian)

Source: Mipaaf, ICQRF

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