Spain: MAPAMA presents the new UNE standards for organic agriculture (IT)


The Ministerio de Agricultura y Pesca, Alimentación y Medio Ambiente, together with the association Ecovalia, organized a national conference to present the new AENOR rules regarding the inputs to be used in organic farming.

The conference was the tool to introduce stakeholders to the new standards: UNE 142500, the inputs to be used for the production of organic vegetables; UNE 315500 for growing fertilizers, soil improvers and substrates; UNE 66500, products for the management of pests and diseases; UNE 142500 and UNE 315500, the minimum requirements for certification of inputs that can be used in organic farming.

The three standards, developed by AENOR (the Asociación Española de Normalización y Certificación) with the participation of MAPAMA, Comunidades Autónomas, organic associations  and producers of fertilizers and pesticides, are an important tool both for the production of inputs and for their certification, and provide a further guarantee for organic producers and for  consumers.

The event saw an important international presence, with representatives of the Inter-American Commission of Organic Agriculture, where all the Spanish-speaking countries of the American continent are represented, plus Canada, the United States and Spain as observers; present as well as representatives from Portugal, Chile and Peru. It was a unique opportunity to spread Spanish standards in production areas and in markets that are very important for organic products.

In addition to the presentation of the rules by the Ministry, and a presentation by Ligia Morend, representative of the Government of Chile, on the interest that these standards have for the internationalization of holdings, the conference ended with a round table that showed the great potential for the market of organic products of inputs that are certified according to the standards presented.

The conference is part of the dissemination activities organized to publicize the Spanish organic production, which derive from the ‘Strategy for the organic production 2018-2020’ developed by MAPAMA at the beginning of 2018 to promote this strategic Spanish sector.


Source: EComercio Agrario