Switzerland: a scientific conference on "Evolving agriculture and food - Perspectives in biodynamic research" (IT)


A new biannual conference will gather academics, scholars, PhD students, graduate students, farmer-researchers and action researchers from around the world to discuss the latest and most pressing issues in biodynamic agriculture, moreover discussing related fields such as agroecology and food and nutrition, dedicating significant attention also to new and alternative researching methods.

Biodynamic research is done in any agricultural field, in many places of the world using a great diversity of methods and disciplines, getting in touch with many other research areas. Taking an inter- and trans-disciplinary approach, we aim to bring together both academic research and farmer’s expertise to explore and discuss issues in biodynamic food and farming systems. The perspective taken on these issues may be from a classical scientific point of view as well as from an innovative methodical standpoint.

For the conference, organizers invite to send contributions on the following topics:

  • New scientific methods in academic and on-farm research 
  • The farm organism and (new) perspectives in agroecology 
  • Beyond matter: Non-material influences on agriculture – quantum physics & co in agriculture 
  • Associative economy – an approach to sustainable food systems 
  • Living soil, soil life, and soil fertility
  • Research on plants 
  • Food for live - food quality, nutrition and health
  • Animal welfare

 Scientific contributions must follow common rules for the description of survey methods and data assessment. Contributions that do not meet scientific requirements (e.g. farmer observations without statistical data evaluation) can be submitted as ‘Observation papers’.   Proposals may be for oral or poster presentation. The final decision on the presentation form will be taken by the programme committee. Please send your abstract (max 4000 characters) using until April 8th, 2018. All abstracts must be in English language.

For more information please visit: http://www.sektion- landwirtschaft.org/veranstaltungen/biodynamic-research-conference/

Dornach, Switzerland, 5-8 September 2018

Source: ISOFAR