SoilVeg project: the final meeting (IT)


The final conference of the European research project 'SOILVEG' will take place in Rome at the Italian Geographical Society (Via della Navicella, 12 - Rome) ("Improving soil conservation and resource use in organic cropping systems for ecological Service Crops (ASC) ".

The project deals with the implementation of non-plowed systems in organic vegetable production. Its general objective is to improve soil conservation and the use of resources through the introduction and intelligent management of agro-ecological services (ASC) crops. The meeting is aimed at sharing with the scientific community and a wider technical audience the results achieved by the project.

The agenda of the meeting will follow.

Palazzetto Mattei, Italian Geographical Society,

Via della Navicella, 12 – Roma

23 May 2018 -  9:00 – 12:30




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