#CambiamoAgricoltura/#Let’s change agriculture: a turning point for the forthcoming CAP (IT)


Milan and then Rome hosted the presentation, through a conference, of a "Decalogue for the future of the CAP" proposed by the #CambiamoAgricoltura/Let’s change agriculture  coalition (created by Aiab, Association for Biodynamic Agriculture, Fai Fondo Ambiente Italiano, Federbio, Isde Italia Doctors for the Environment, Lipu-BirdLife Italia, Legambiente, ProNatura and Wwf Italia): an event aimed at promoting a model of agriculture truly  more sustainable for the environment, citizens and small farms through joint work and cooperation of institutions, citizens, farmers and NGOs. And the debate between Italian environmental and organic agriculture associations with representatives of the institutional, academic, research world, along with agricultural professional organizations, was certainly very positive, as well as the generous support of  the Cariplo Foundation.

#CambiamoAgricoltura is of the opinion that "the new regulations introduce a number of new elements, some of which  could possibly modify, if well used, the paradigm of today's agriculture. At the same time, however, the proposals of the EU Commission leave several questions open and have too many fields of uncertainty that could make this reform vain, bringing agriculture dangerously back into the past, with a race to a decrease of the EU Member States commitments for environmental protection and vitality of rural areas ". So, the request to politicians was that "the strong subsidiarity contained in the CAP reform does not turn, due to environmental and climate challenges, into a 'escape' of Member States from international commitments, with a substantial abdication of responsibility by the European Commission. The management of the post-2020 CAP must be guaranteed with strong central coordination and assumption of responsability through specific proposals of the single States within the new instrument of the National Strategic Plan ".

The coalition then believes that the National Strategic Plan that Italy, as well as all EU countries, will have to put in place with a wide autonomy, according to the new CAP approach, shall have to clearly indicate objectives and priorities consistent with the European Biodiversity Strategy, also at regional level . And the objectives judged indispensable for future CAP planning are all included in the Decalogue: among the first, a real support to organic agriculture (the wish for Italy is that it could achieve 40% of the UAA by 2027), with adequate premiums and not –as often in the past-  irrelevant or second to integrated agriculture, and then the recognition of adequate economic support to the Natura 2000 network also through supporting  farmers operating in its area and the restructuring of livestock supply chains which are currently the main source of climate-altering gas emissions and of nitrogen, or the real availability of minimum resources guaranteed for the environment and the climate.

The associations of the #CambiamoAgricoltura Coalition have underlined their full availability to cooperate immediately with the Italian Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Policies and the Italian Regional authorities for the definition of a CAP National Strategic Plan that should be truly innovative and participatory, with ambitious objectives but at the same time concrete and realistic. So the Decalogue (in Italian, downloadable HERE) summarizes requests and proposals to the Italian government and to the European Parliament on the eve of the start of negotiations that should lead by April 2019 to the final approval of the new post-2020 CAP regulations by the European Commission, Council and Parliament.

More information about the oalition #CambiamoAgricoltura can be found HERE

Source: SINAB