Switzerland, a steady growth for organic farming also in 2017 (IT)


BioSuisse, the reference association of all organic producers in Switzerland, published the 2017 annual report, with the data on organic farming in the Confederation. In 2017, Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein registered 6,423 holdings working according to the Bio Suisse directives - 279 companies "Gems" more than the previous year. The area under organic management increased by about 11,000 hectares, approaching 150,000 ha, or 14.4% of the total UAA. The largest number of organic farms is in the cantons of Graubünden and Bern.

With a market share of 9%, organic food in 2017 reached a new record, with a turnover - even this a  record - exceeding CHF 2.7 billion. The most important growth was recorded in French-speaking Switzerland. All product categories recorded an increase in turnover and market shares. The main segment remains that of fresh produce, with a share of the “organic basket” of two thirds. The most appreciated organic product continues to be the eggs, followed by vegetables and fresh bread. The market share of each of the three products exceeded 20%, that of eggs reached 26.6%. The main sources of turnover in the Swiss organic market remain dairy products and cheese. In 2017, pre-packaged products and pre-packaged consumer goods also recorded above-average growth. The figures show a positive picture: the organic market remains very dynamic.

All forecasts indicate that organic in Switzerland will continue to grow. In this context, Bio Suisse has set itself clear objectives: by 2025 it wants to bring to 25% the organic agricultural area on the total of the Swiss UAA, and the market share of organic foodstuffs to 15%.


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Source: BioSuisse