EGTOP: new reports on food and fertilizers (IT)


EGTOP, the Expert Group for Technical Advice on Organic Production created by the European Commission providing technical recommendations on organic legislation, has published two new reports, one on food and one on fertilizers, with reference to Reg. (EC) No 889 / 2008.

In the report on food (Final Report on Food IV, downloadable HERE), among the various topics, the use of lecithin in organic food processing  is clarified. The wording in the regulation is not clear enough and the EGTOP suggests that only organic  lecithin should be permitted.

In the report on fertilizers (Final Report on Fertilizers III, downloadable HERE), the most relevant issue is that the use of biochar is considered in line with the principles of organic farming, provided that certain conditions are met.

We recall that the EGTOP recommendations are not binding for the Commission, but the Commission must take them into account when the organic legislation is updated, in particular the annexes of Regulation (EC) 889/2008.