IFOAM EU meets business - Bringing the organic food industry together (IT)


"IFOAM EU event is organised (Bussels, 30 October) to give  IFOAM EU, its Interest Group of Organic Processors and Traders (IGOP) and food companies the opportunity to discuss relevant topics in the organic sector, to share information and exchange on best practices, to understand each other’s perspectives and most importantly to debate and shape the direction to take in the next working period. 

The event will start with an information sharing session where participants will present their organisations and their interests and subsequently be introduced to the work of IFOAM EU and IGOP. This session will be followed by a plenary on the new regulation, focusing on residues and contaminants. After the coffee break the setting will shift to workshops (open space), where participants will be able to attend. The workshops will be briefly introduced, and the topics – which are regularly touched upon within IGOP – will subsequently be discussed in depth in order to share information and best practices, to raise the issues currently faced, and to develop a strategy and a way forward. The following are the workshops: - Workshop 1: Trade: import, export, and Brexit - Workshop 2: Quality assurance, traceability, raw material availability, and fraud: measures to take and systems available - Workshop 3: Market development: how to reach 50% organic?

More information and the event agenda can be found HERE

Brussels, 30 October 2018

Source: IFOAM EU