Audit carried out in Italy on control system: the report (IT)


The EU Directorate General “ Health and Food Safety” has published the audit report of its inspection to the Italian organic-control system from 5 to 13 June 2018, in compliance with the provisions of Regulation (EC) no. 882/2004 on official controls on food and feed. The objective of the audit was, in particular, to evaluate controls on organic production and labeling of organic products.

The report concludes that Italy has satisfactorily addressed the recommendation which remained open after the audit carried out in 2013 DG(SANCO)2013-6650. It also confirms that Italy continues to effectively apply most of the corrective actions which allowed for the closing of the rest of the recommendations. A number of improvements have been noted which include the issuance ofnew national provisions aiming at enhancing and harmonising controls on organic production. Controls of operators are adequately planned and executed by control bodies, including a sufficient number of risk-based additional inspections and sampling. Annual supervision carried out by the competent authority is generally capable of detecting weaknesses in the performance of control bodies. However, follow-up made by control bodies in cases of severe irregularities and the measures taken against non-compliant operators are not always satisfactory. Control bodies are not required to immediately notify the competent authority of the detection of severe irregularities or their likelihood, which limits the possibility that the competent authority assesses the decisions taken by control bodies in such cases.

The report contains recommendations to the competent authorities, aimed at rectifying the shortcomings identified and enhancing the implementation of control measures.

The Report

Source: EU Commission