CORE Organic: Cofund Outreach Seminar at CIHEAM Bari (IT)


On January 30th, CIHEAM Bari hosts a seminar of the "European transnational research network on food systems and organic farming" aimed at involving non-EU Mediterranean countries and Brazil in the network activities. The CORE Organic projectaims to improve the knowledge basis and innovation capacity necessary  to support the further development of the organic sector as a way to respond to significant societal challenges in European agriculture and food systems. The purpose of this expansion of the geographical scope of the project aims to establish a broader and more efficient joint pool of translational research that supports the sustainable growth of the organic  food and  farming sector. This is in the context of the forthcoming EU call for proposals, scheduled to be launched  in early 2019, to which potential new partners are invited to join on issues of common interest.

For the upcoming call, CORE Organic will join SUSFOOD2 (another ERA-Net Cofund initiative) in order to widen the synergies also beyond the more traditional topics regarding organic food and agriculture.

In the meeting at CIHEAM-Bari, all non-EU countries were kindly invited to suggest topics of interest for organic farming and / or sustainable food production based on a specific document sent to them.

The program of the meeting can be downloaded HERE

Source: CIHEAM Bari