European Court of Auditors: a special report on the control system for organic products (IT)


Since 1991, the EU established a control system that regulates the production, processing, distribution and import of organic products. This system gives consumers the certainty that the rules for organic products are applied at each stage of the supply chain. In recent years, the EU organic sector has developed rapidly. Checking the follow-up given with his special report No 9/2012 published in June 2012, the Court found out that the control system improved, and its recommendations were generally implemented even if some challenges remain to be addressed. The Court makes a series of recommendations to overcome the remaining weaknesses in the Member States with regard to EU products, to improve the supervision of imported organic products and to carry out more complete traceability checks.

Special report  No 04/2019: The control system for organic products has improved, but some challenges remai

The Report

Source: European Court of Auditors