Minister Centinaio: “Forward on the road of organic” (IT)


"We are the richest country in biodiversity, from north to south without distinction, a huge asset the whole world envies us.  Agro-biodiversity, which represents the diversity of agricultural systems cultivated in relation to genes, species and agro-ecosystems, is an added value of our country that must be preserved and protected, to guarantee its survival in a world where plant and animal species are increasingly at risk of extinction". This was the declaration of the Minister of Agricultural, Food, Forestry Policies and Tourism, Gian Marco Centinaio, on the occasion of International Biodiversity Day.

"Italy has adopted a law to protect and enhance the biodiversity of agricultural and food interest, created a national agro-biodiversity network, but we have to do much more. We are working and investing in the organic farming sector and sustainable development policies: we are the country with the highest level of organic productions, and we want to move forward on this path, one of the most effective in safeguarding our immense wealth. We are further improving the legislation on organic farming and we are ready to commit ourselves in this sense also at European level, provided that nothing falls on the farmers’ shoulders, the true guardians and guarantors of these precious excellences".

"We must move forward in this direction, or we will leave an Italy poorer than the one our fathers gave us to those who will come after us ", concluded the Minister.

Source: Mipaaft press Office