France: 2018, a record year for organic sector (IT)


With 5,000 more organic holdings at the end of 2018, their number in France has reached 41,600 , approximately 9.5% of the total French farms. French organic production has substantially  doubled in 5 years: the strongest progression ever recorded. Better still, in 2018 the organic surface reached  2 million hectares, which corresponds to 7.5% of the French UAA (6.5% in 2017). A remarkable growth, mainly due to the increase of cereal, viticultural and fruit and vegetable production.

This development is not just limited to agricultural producers, but concerns the entire organic supply chain. The organic products processing holdings,  in fact, have multiplied at the same rate, increasing by 12% in one year and by 49% in five years. An impressive success that has had concrete repercussions in terms of employment: in 2018 the sector,  perceived as very "attractive", saw the creation of 18,714 new jobs in production, processing and distribution. A figure that now represents 14% of the workforce employed in agriculture. At the end of 2018, there were 155,347 full-time jobs in the organic supply chains, more than double compared to 2012.

2018 also saw a sharp increase in the consumption of organic products. The market grew by 15% to reach 9.7 billion euros, about 5% of French food purchases. Imports instead appeared stable, around 31% of total consumption (around 18% if exotic products are excluded). The trend towards the consumption of exclusively French organic products should be confirmed in the coming years given the high level of conversions recorded in 2018.

The complete data file can be downloaded HERE

Source: Agence Bio