CORE ORGANIC COFUND: the 2019 Joint Call (IT)


The SusFood2 and Core Organic Cofund ERA-NET will launch a joint call for tenders involving 21 funding bodies from 18 EU and non-EU countries with an investment of 9,485,000 euros.

The announcement, which will be made public on 2 September  2019, aims to achieve progress in the organization and management of food systems with the support of the new technologies development, addressing issues related to the society’s global challenges, such as the offer to a growing population, the need to prevent food waste and the depletion of non-renewable resources.

The aim of the initiative is to achieve greater food safety and, at the same time, high quality nutritional standards for a healthy, safe and sustainable diet.

Candidates are encouraged to follow the multi-actor, multidisciplinary and systemic approach within the 4 invitation topics:

Topic 1: efficient, circular and waste-free food systems

Topic 2: diversity in food from the field to the plate

Topic 3: elaboration of delicate foods

Topic 4: sustainable and intelligent packaging

The official announcement of the call will be launched on 2 September 2019.

More information HERE

Link to the pre-announcement

Source: Core Organic