An international workshop in Spain: "Potentialities and challenges of breeding for the vegetable organic systems" (IT)


The Italian CREA (Council for the Research in Agriculture and Analysis of Agrarian Economy), along with the University of Catania, takes part to the international workshop organized by the University of Almeria on “Potentialities and challenges of breeding for the vegetable organic systems” next 28 November. To overcome the derogation regime that allows organic farmers to use untreated seeds produced under conventional farming, it is crucial to develop varieties adapted to organic farming and produce their seeds under organic conditions. That sets new opportunities and challenges for scientists and the seed industry. The development of new breeding approaches and a wise integration of old ones is necessary. The workshop aims to clarify the actual EU landscape for the organic sector and understand how breeding can help bridge the perspectives of the seed industry, the organic farmers, the consumers and other stakeholders.

The workshop programme can be downloaded HERE

University  of Almeria, 28 November 2019,

Source: CREA

Almeria (Spagna)