Bio Suisse: standard changes for 2020 (IT)


Next year, Bio Suisse standards will include several new features. In particular, two important changes will concern the limitation of conventional animals and straw purchases.

Purchase of livestock

The purchase of non-organic ruminants was reviewed and the relevant directive revised. The adaptation aims to promote organic reproduction, both in breeding and in the introduction of organic animals in organic farms.

If no organic animals were available, a number of young females could previously be purchased from non-organic farms to supplement the natural increase or renewal of the herd. In bovine animals, this included up to 10% of adult animals per year and up to 20% in small ruminants. For the main breeds, the availability of breeding females has increased, thanks to the growth of the organic market. As a result, the simplified purchase of non-organic young females is now limited. Today, these animals can be purchased on non-organic farms only on request and under certain conditions.

Study on the availability of organic straw

The use of non-organic straw can be problematic. For this reason, poultry and pig farmers will have to use only organic straw from next year. For other animals, the availability of organic straw will be verified.

Two other changes concern laying hens. In order to preserve the grazing areas, exits in case of bad weather can be reduced by a maximum of half. The number of structures on the pasture will be related to the number of hens, in order to facilitate visual control.

Source: Bio Suisse