Organic farming for land development - The experience of organic districts (IT)


After a four-year research (2016-2019), CREA has now published a study on Italian districts, carried out under the 2014-20 National Rural Development Program.

Organic districts represent a new form of the territory self-organization, where a number of different subjects, both public and private, is called to contribute to local development, starting from the values of organic agriculture. Since 2009, when the first Bio-district in Cilento (an area in the Campania region) was established, their number has gradually increased, driven not only by the excellent economic performance of organic farming, increasingly considered as a strategic choice for the local agri-food supply chains, but also (and above all) driven by the awareness that the values of environmental sustainability, social equity and transparency should be the focal point in the context of any discussion on local development.

The time is therefore ripe to attempt a first evaluation of these experiences and identify their common features, in order to systematize them and obtain general indications for their subsequent development, which can be applied to other territories.

The report "Organic districts and local development", presenting the survey undertaken on some AIAB (Italian Association for Organic Farming) Bio-districts, aims to provide a first contribution to the debate now developing around organic districts and their potential to become subjects of local development.


The publication can be downloaded HERE (in Italian)

Source: CREA - Italian Council for Research in Agriculture and Analysis of Agrarian Economy

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