Specialized organic shops in France: shops almost like the others (IT)


The INSEE, Institut national de la statistique et des études économiques, a French institute that collects, produces, analyzes and disseminates information on the French economy and society, has published an interesting study on French shops specialized in the sale of organic products.

In 2016 these stores accounted for 3.5% of the total food stores. Younger, smaller, more often organized in a sort of educational network, they have developed urban localization strategies more than other similar companies. In France, organic food shops are more present in the southern regions, in the Paris region and in the north-west. Compared to non-organic mini-markets, they employ more employees; their turnover and margin rate are higher. The most recently opened organic shops differ from the "older" ones in various respects: they are relatively larger and less present in the major urban centers, but more in the surroundings and in less densely populated areas.

The study, in French, can be downloaded HERE

Source: INSEE, October 2019