India: the updated organic figures (IT)


On the occasion of Biofach India 2019, closed on 9 November, official sources reported the most recent data from the organic sector in the country. At 31 March 2019, the total certified organic area (as quoted under the National Program for Organic Production) was 3.56 million hectares, including 1.94 million hectares of arable land and 1.49 million hectares of spontaneous collection. Total organic production reached 2.67 million tons (2018-19), a figure that includes all varieties of food products, namely oilseeds, sugar cane, cereals and millet, cotton, pulses, medicinal plants, tea, fruit, spices, dried fruit, vegetables, coffee and more. A production not limited to the edible sector only  but also including  organic cotton and functional food products.

The total volume of exports in 2018 was 614,000 tons. for 757.49 million dollars (they were 515 in 2017). Organic products are exported to the USA, European Union, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, Israel, South Korea, Vietnam, New Zealand and Japan, and the most popular products are flaxseed, sesame and soybeans, legumes and rice, along with tea and medicinal plants. Germany is one of the most important importers of Indian organic products.

Source: Fresh Plaza



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