FIBL: ‘Summer School’ on agrobiodiversity for locally adapted and resilient food systems (IT)


FiBL together with ZHAW - Universities of Applied Sciences Zurich, (Switzerland), University of Ljubliana (Slovenia), Universidad Pablo de Olavide (Spain) and ÖMKI (Hungary) offer a ‘Summer School’ on agrobiodiversity and sustainable food production. Students are granted 4 ETCS.

The topics of the summer school are:
•    the diversity of crops and livestock species and varieties,
•    the diversity of production and food supply systems,
•    different agricultural practices and intensities and
•    biodiversity that indirectly supports agriculture through provisioning ecosystem services.

In each year, the Summer School will take place in one of the participating countries in collaboration with the local Universities. In 2020, the Summer School will take place in the Alpine Region of Switzerland from August 10 to August 19.

At the end of the 10 days Summer School, students will be able to co-create innovative, creative and scientifically sound solutions for locally adapted and resilient land use systems through improving their agrobiodiversity.

The Summer School is open for interested master students environmental sciences, food sciences, geography or agronomy. An application is possible until March 2020.

Students from outside Europe or with limited financial option could apply for a travel grant.

Click HERE for further information, or contact Benadette Oehen at FIBL

Source: FIBL