Organic Innovation Days 2019: now available the speaker’s presentations on research & innovation to transform our food systems (IT)


What are the research priorities and needs of the organic sector in the EU? How can we transition our food and farming sector with the help of organic and agroecological principles? What is the role of young organic farmers in the sustainability of food production? What are inspiring and innovative ideas for rural development? How can we overcome challenges with the use of innovations and technologies? How can we optimise communication and dissemination in innovation projects? 

These and other questions were at the heart of the debates at the Organic Innovation Days 2019 on the 3rd and 4th of December 2019 in Brussels. The Organic Innovation Days are TP Organics’ annual event that brought together companies, researchers, farmers, and policymakers.

You can find all the speakers’ presentations HERE.

Source: TP Organics