Understanding the consumer: French and the organic, a dossier by Agence Bio (IT)


In 2019, more than 9 out of 10 French people said they had consumed organic products and almost three quarters of them consumed them regularly (at least once a month). 14% consume it every day. In short, will organic in 2020 be the engine of the new social trend "consume less, consume better"? The conspicuous dossier presented by "Etude Spirit Insight for Agence Bio" tries to answer this question through several steps:

"Eat organic", a reality solidly anchored in the daily life of the French / Organic food products at the center of French consumption / Non-food organic products: a confirmed dynamism;

"Eat better and organic", a different involvement according to the generations / The French: awareness and renewal of eating habits / Young people: more than a conviction, a "militant" commitment / The elderly: a change of mentality for a civic act;

"Eating organic and beyond", the expectations of the French / More information and transparency / Organic and proximity, a plebiscitary alliance for the French!

The dossiers, in French, can be downloaded  HERE

Source: Agence Bio


Fonte: Agence Bio