"Biologique, Français, équitable", a new FNAB organic label in France (IT)


For several years, FNAB, the National Federation of Organic Agriculture and its network have been pushing agri-food holdings to develop a fair French organic. FNAB is now launching a "farmer" logo that will guarantee consumers organic vegetables produced in France and, for producers, a profitable price and a fair commercial relationship. The new logo has been applied for the first time on an experimental basis, starting from 2 March, on 4 types of vegetables (zucchini, corn, green beans, carrots), a range agreed with the network of Picard supermarkets, products distributed in 87 stores in Nouvelle Aquitaine and Occitanie, followed by Brittany and Provence-Alps-Côte d'Azur.


Develop French organic to reduce imports


"With the growth of the organic market, the opportunity has developed to build solid partnerships with agri-food companies on organic products that correspond to our values. We wanted to start with a local and fair organic, but we are for a strategy of permanent progress", explains Stéphanie Pageot, national secretary responsible for economic matters at the FNAB.


The project has managed to go further especially  in the south-west of France with a range of organic products, grown and distributed in a coherent geographic area, and with a commercial relationship that goes beyond the six principles of fair trade. The Picard Group in particular has agreed to engage in an innovative contract and to open the possibility of an annual price review based on variations in production costs. The group will also pay 1% of the annual amount of sales of organic products to a development fund managed by partner producer organizations.


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Source: FNAB



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