Special Issue "Actor-oriented Research for Food Systems Redesign in Agroecological Perspective" on “Sustainability” (IT)


Dr. Corrado Ciaccia and Dr. Fabio Tittarelli, researchers working at CREA-Italian Council for Agricultural Research and Analysis of Agricultural Economics, launch a call for manuscript submission on the issue "Actor-oriented Research for Food Systems Redesign in Agroecological Perspective".

In this Special Issue, guest editors would like to explore specific ways in which actor-oriented research contributes to organic food system redesign toward sustainability. They seek contributions that accomplish this by focusing on the connections between different actors through action-research strategies as far as participatory multi-criteria analysis. They would also like to consider how consumer awareness strategies may affect the food system redesign, through a shift in consumption choices guided by the respect of the sustainable development of the local and global community.

Deadline for manuscript submissions is 31 December 2021.

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Source: RIRAB