Online sale: the Italian market for organic food products (IT)


The emergency that Italy is facing has accelerated the affirmation of some phenomena showing interesting prospects already before the pandemic. It is the case for the online sale of agri-food products. For reasons of force majeure, millions of Italians have found a valuable ally on the web not to leave the house and avoid the queue at supermarkets. Many distributors and organic product holdings have been experimenting with alternative forms of retail for some time, and many others have started for the first time on this occasion. The report "the Organic food products Italian online market”, published by Ismea within the activities of a project financed by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture, the DIMECOBIO III project, highlights the interest of organic consumers in purchasing, in various ways, on different web platforms.

The results, developed from a survey administered to over 3,000 consumers in January and February, suggest that the short and medium term will be characterised by further growth in the channel, supported by the convenience of the service and the size of the offer. Surely the confinement experience can only confirm the expectations emerged from the study; and the sudden increase in online purchases in recent weeks may also serve as a laboratory to highlight any critical issues that still trouble the system, such as ease of payment and promptness in deliveries.

"The organic food products Italian online market" (in Italian)

Source: Ismea – CIHEAM Bari